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Mounted Magnetic Snaps


In our bag designs we have found that mounting magnetic snaps on a square of faux leather is not ony attractive but makes the the process much easier and hard wearing. So we decided other bag makers might want to try this. We have made a selection of ready mounted magnetic snaps for you and all you need to do is sew around the square to attach them.
Each square measures aproximetly 1.5 inches across and the snap sits in the centre. If you wished you could cut the square smaller but we have found this is perfect for the size of the most commonly used sewing machine foot to sew around.
In each pack you will get one snap with each half mounted on a faux leather square, and the reverse finished with a circle of interfacing to cover the metal fixings of the snap.

If you do not see the colour or quantity you would like here please email us and we will let you know when more have been added to the shop.