Gemma Geometric Pouches

Box, Triangular & Circular Resizeable Pouches

A three-piece pattern collection of different shaped zipper pouches. The patterns can be easily lengthened to fit a specific zip or contents. The three types are Box, Triangular and Circular. All three versions use feature binding on the zips giving a great pop of colour and help to stop zips snagging. We have used three different finishing techniques for the internal seams and recommend you use the one you prefer.


Because of the adaptability of the patterns you can use them for lots of purposes, we have shown examples including pencil case, small tech bits and bobs, nail kits and sewing kits.


This pattern would be good for craft stalls as the lengths can be adapted to fit your scraps, leftover zips & spare trim etc.


We designed this pattern because we like to use up all of our leftover bits and bobs, odd zips etc. We also like to contrast colours and the binding provides a great opportunity for this.


The finished pouches would make good stocking fillers and gifts.



Default– 3” wide, 4.5” long 2.5” high

Skill Check - Beginner (Full instructions are given.)

  • Sewing a zip

  • Overlocking (optional)

  • Binding Seams (optional)

Scrap-Friendly Pattern-Reccomendations BBFull-3WEB Dotty Ready Roll Riley Blake-2 Pin Cushion Web



  • Main Exterior Fabric   1 Fat Eighth

  • Lining Fabric                  1 Fat Eighth

  • Medium Weight Iron-on Interfacing 1 Fat Quarter

  • Bias Binding When Flat 2" wide and 9.5” long for the default size

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