Boudoir Bundle

8 Piece Bonanza of Crafting Items

These are easy makes and can be made with or without piping, lace and wadding to suit your own taste and budget. The bundle consists of a makeup bag, a mini tissue holder, an eye mask with storage pouch, a tissue box cover and three novelty eye masks (cat, fox & owl).


The pattern includes full comprehensive instructions for each step and has been written to be accessible by people who have just learnt to sew. We have included a brief construction summary for experienced sewers. We also designed these items with craft sellers in mind, the items can be made quickly to stock up your stall. The items complement each other in purpose and scale, sell them as a matching bundle or pick your favourites to sell.


We love scrap busting and this is an ideal project for using up left over fabric. Most of the pieces are small and require very little fabric. We are a big fan of fussy cutting when we are able, and we feel these items provide good opportunities for this.




Makeup Bag: Height 15cm Width 20cm

Mini Tissue Holder: Height 12cm Width 6.5cm Depth 3cm

Eye Mask: Height 8cm Width 19cm Strap 14” relaxed

Eye Mask Pouch: Height 13.5cm Width 13.5cm

Tissue Box Cover: Height 13cm Width 13cm Height 13cm


8-piece PDF Pattern with full instructions, step by step guide with photos and digitally drafted pattern pieces.

Skill Check - Beginner (Full instructions are given.)

  • Attach Piping (optional)

  • Sew a Buttonhole (optional)

Scrap-Friendly Pattern-Reccomendations Dotty Ready Roll Riley Blake-3 Pin Cushion Web



Main Outer Fabric -Pastel Bakery Print ½ Yard 45” wide

Lining - Plain Cream Cotton ½ Yard 45” wide

Wadding – Iron-on Polyester Wadding Depending on choice

Up to ½ Yard 45” wide

Interfacing - Medium Weight Iron-on Depending on choice

Up to ½ Yard 45” wide

Un-gathered Lace Trim ¾” wide 5 ½ yds

Piping or Flat ¼” Trim  3 yds

Elastic - 1.5cm or ½” elastic or Bra strap elastic 1/2yd

Felt - Scraps

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