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By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Jan 14 2018 03:08PM

Top 10 Sewing Tips for a Professional Finish

Follow these sewing tips to make your finished product shine. If you have the time and the resources in your stash then get them used for the perfect finish.

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Don’t hold back with our 'be a have a go hero' Blog post

By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Oct 29 2017 02:11PM

We all love sewing but there is always a cost. If you are sewing for yourself, as a gift, or with a view to selling on, what are you prepared to pay out? Our top selling pattern is The Betty Bag and we have sold many, many copies of this pattern to sewers all over the world. I have costed out my favourite Betty sample as an example.

The Betty Bag PDF Sewing Pattern
The Betty Bag PDF Sewing Pattern
Why Handmade goods can sound expensive but be worth it!
Why Handmade goods can sound expensive but be worth it!

As you can see things soon add up and you have to ask yourself if you are planning to sell the bag you are going to have to price it very carefully. So if you are at your local craft fair and are surprised by the prices consider what goes into making one bag.


It doesn't have to cost this much though. As bag designers we have to make our samples to catch the eye and it helps if the fabrics are from current collections.

There are ways to reduce the cost.

Bag furniture in particular can be bought cheaper if you know you are going to be making a few bags, buying singly means paying top price.

Bag linings don't have to be from a named designer plain fabrics can be bought quite cheaply if you shop around.

Polyester wadding is cheaper than cotton and has more spring in it than cotton which is better for bags.

Recycling, never throw anything away without removing any buttons and with old bags remove any hardware.

We have an item on our website about upcycling and generally scavenging for fabrics and reusable trim.

Scavenge and Save - A thrifty mums tips to filling up your stash
Scavenge and Save - A thrifty mums tips to filling up your stash

The Betty Bag Pattern can be found here

View the rest of our pattern range here

Or just keep on scrolling for more hints and tips!

Please feel free to post any business links in the comments on this post if you sell handmade goods or have a maker whos work you love!

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