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By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Feb 17 2018 03:08PM

Sometimes we want to make something just for the pleasure of making it whether it be for ourselves or as a gift. Quite often this is when we will splurge and spend a little more money and take great pleasure in choosing the fabric and other components needed for the project.

Rose Bag PDF Sewing Pattern
Rose Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

1. Fabric Choice

Helen Bag PDF Sewing Pattern
Helen Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

Most of our projects are best made from firm fabrics with an even weave and we mostly make our prototypes from 100% cotton fabrics. Cotton fabrics come in a myriad of colours and designs and there are some very talented fabric designers around doing some fantastic designs. If you want a designer fabric you will have to pay a little more for it but most of our designs have a feature fabric that is not used for the whole project so you only need buy a small amount.

2. Alternative Fabrics

Jane Tote Trio PDF Sewing Pattern
Jane Tote Trio PDF Sewing Pattern

These days you don’t' have to just use fabric to create your perfect bag. There is a wonderful variety of new materials on the market, and with bag making becoming more and more popular, these materials are becoming more accessible.

Fake leather

Fake PU Leather
Fake PU Leather

(sometimes called PU Leather or leatherette) can add durability and a luxury look to your latest project. We have bought affordable offcuts from our local fabric mill, remnants from our local crafting recycling yard and shopped online. It is important to choose your pattern wisely if you are going to include fake leather, as it can build up into thick seams quite quickly.

Vinyl Fabrics

Glitter Vinyl
Glitter Vinyl

These have started appearing on the scene, they can give you a gorgeous glossy finish to parts of your bag. This is something we want to try soon.



This is another new alternative. We haven't had the opportunity to try this yet as it is quite expensive.

3. Wadding

We often use wadding sometimes called batting in our projects because it gives a softer but more substantial feel to the finished product. If you are a quilter you will know that there are different types and weights of wadding available. Polyester wadding tends to be white and springy and whilst it will do the job it is harder to handle than the slightly more expensive cotton wadding. Regardless of the type you choose if you choose to use wadding only a light weight one is required. If you plan to do several projects I would invest in a can of basting spray, it lasts ages and fuses the two fabrics together so that they can be treated as one.

4. Bag Furniture

Jill Bag PDF Sewing Pattern
Jill Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

Our bags have a professional finish because we invest in 'bag furniture' these are the metal loops, buckles and fasteners used to attach straps and close bags. Straps can be attached using a simple d-ring or a D-ring and clip, a gold or silver ring, or a square buckle loop. They come in many styles and finishes, a quick search on E-bay for 'bag buckles' will bring up thousands of results for all manner of fasteners, fixings and trims.

5. Zips

Diamante and Rainbow Teeth Zips
Diamante and Rainbow Teeth Zips

There are many ways to close bags most commonly a zip or popper. Zips come in many different weights and styles, and some have fancy zip pulls, but these can also be bought separately if desired. We have also in some cases used magnetic poppers they are a little more complicated to use because you must incorporate them in the construction process they cannot be added afterwards like the sewn-on ones, but they do make the project look more 'store bought'. Splashing out on some Emmaline Bling D Rings and swivel hooks can also elevate your bag to another level.

6. Buttons

Chloe Bag PDF Sewing Pattern
Chloe Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

Buttons are very much in fashion at the moment and it would seem the bigger the better, they can be functional but for us they are mostly decorative used to high light a feature or pick out a colour. some are as elaborate as jewellery whilst others are quite understated.

7. Embellishments

Snap On Pin Cushion PDF Sewing Pattern
Snap On Pin Cushion PDF Sewing Pattern

We talk a lot about making your project unique and expressing yourself because it's an opportunity to make something that no one else has. There are different ways of achieving this from choosing the fabric to adding to the basic pattern. Things you could add depending on the project would be braid, ribbon, lace, beading, embroidery, appliquéd designs there are infinite variations to explore and enjoy.

We would be really interested in how you make your products unique, send photos of your completed projects to us at info@boutiqueuniquedesigns.com and when we have enough we will create a gallery page to display them on.

Visit our Pattern Shop if any have taken your eye

Check out our infographic for the top ten tips for a professional finish

By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Jan 14 2018 03:08PM

Top 10 Sewing Tips for a Professional Finish

Follow these sewing tips to make your finished product shine. If you have the time and the resources in your stash then get them used for the perfect finish.

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Do you have any tips for other seamstresses who want to take their sewing up a notch? Pop them in our comments.

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Don’t hold back with our 'be a have a go hero' Blog post

By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Aug 20 2017 05:29PM

Whilst not essential to any of our designs zips are included but in some can be omitted and substituted with Velcro or poppers or just left as an open top bag.

Zips can be scary for beginners but with the majority of our patterns the zips are generally put in as one of the first processes when the fabric is flat and easy to handle. Or they are attached to two pieces of fabric designed as a zip carrier and then attached to the main pieces as in the lining of The Betty Bag to the right.

One of the key points to remember when attaching a zip are that each side should be sewn an equal distance from the teeth. In most of our projects the raw ends of the Zips are caught in the subsequent seams as the project is constructed. Some of the projects such as the Betty Bag use a 'zip carrier' and we have tidied the visible end of the zip with a tab made of matching fabric this not only looks nice but has a function in that when you close the bag it gives you something to hang onto and pull against.

Download the Printable to read more on Inset Zips, Top Opening Zips, Zip Carriers and Zip Tabs.

The third addition to our glossary series. Designed as support materialsto run along with our patterns and also to assist people who want to design their own.

This article is available in a printable version download here An Introduction to Zips Printable

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