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We are hoping to cover a variety of sewing topics on our new blog. Our main focus has been designing PDF Sewing Patterns. We have a varied range and will still be adding to it.


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By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Jan 6 2018 03:08PM

Bumper Bowl Cozy Free PDF Sewing Pattern Tutorial
Bumper Bowl Cozy Free PDF Sewing Pattern Tutorial

New for 2018 our Free Bumper Bowl Cozy Sewing Pattern for deep bowls and a snug fit!

We designed this project for ourselves to keep our winter soups and yummy porridge warm without burning our hands. Deeper than other bowl cozys it keeps our bowls secure and looks pretty with its feature circular quilting and bound edge.

Download your copy for free on this link.

If you havent tried bias binding before and want to learn more on this technique dowload a copy of our binding printable tutorial and give it a go today

Practical Guide to Bias Binding Tutorial Free Printable
Practical Guide to Bias Binding Tutorial Free Printable

Download your free printable bias binding tutorial here on this link.

We love to see photos of their boutique unique makes. Share with us your version on our facebook page. facebook/boutiqueuniquedesigns Like our page and keep up to date with future freebies!

By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Aug 20 2017 05:29PM

Whilst not essential to any of our designs zips are included but in some can be omitted and substituted with Velcro or poppers or just left as an open top bag.

Zips can be scary for beginners but with the majority of our patterns the zips are generally put in as one of the first processes when the fabric is flat and easy to handle. Or they are attached to two pieces of fabric designed as a zip carrier and then attached to the main pieces as in the lining of The Betty Bag to the right.

One of the key points to remember when attaching a zip are that each side should be sewn an equal distance from the teeth. In most of our projects the raw ends of the Zips are caught in the subsequent seams as the project is constructed. Some of the projects such as the Betty Bag use a 'zip carrier' and we have tidied the visible end of the zip with a tab made of matching fabric this not only looks nice but has a function in that when you close the bag it gives you something to hang onto and pull against.

Download the Printable to read more on Inset Zips, Top Opening Zips, Zip Carriers and Zip Tabs.

The third addition to our glossary series. Designed as support materialsto run along with our patterns and also to assist people who want to design their own.

This article is available in a printable version download here An Introduction to Zips Printable

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By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Aug 2 2017 05:38PM

Sewing Decision Maker
Sewing Decision Maker

A quick bit of fun for anyone else who sometimes struggles to choose what to do next. I've had days where I just can't decide which project I'm going to do, but I know I want to make something.

So I made a decision maker. Simply print off the printable, cut it out, and stick the tabs together to make a cube.

Download the Decison Maker Printable Here

The options on it are as follows:

1. Work in Progress

These are usually lingering around. For whatever reason they have been temporarily put to one side waiting for their day to shine. If this comes up its time to stop procrastinating and get one finished.

2. Old Reliable

Favourite patterns which you know you can make and get a good result. You just want to sew something nice without too much hassle.

3. Something New

New patterns which have been waiting in the wings, saved to your pinterest board, tucked neatly in a box ready to go. Venture into new territory and give one of your new patterns a go.

Sewing Decision Maker Printable
Sewing Decision Maker Printable

4. Scraptastic

They're building up, they're beautiful and shiny, hoarded away like a dragon guarding treasure. Get them out and find one of your scrap busting projects to show them off in all their glory. Search online for scrap busting projects. See some of my favourite scrap busters on this previous post.

5. Upcycle

Be ecofriendly and thrifty and upcycle an unused fabric item into something you. Whether it is a top that doesn't fit right, turn a dress into a skirt, a pillowcase into a girls summer dress, find something lying around that could be given a new lease of life.

6. Random Gift

Special Holidays and Birthdays are scattered throughout the year. Get a head start and make some nice gifts to stash away for special occasions. Or give a friend or relative a nice surprise with a random hand made gift.

Download the Decison Maker Printable Here

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