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By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Apr 4 2018 06:43PM

A handy sized bag with removable wristlet strap, Lucy is suitable for many uses. They have two roomy internal pockets one with a zip. The front feature panel is eye catching and allows us to show off some of our favourite fabrics and colour combinations. These are an easy make and can be made with or without piping and wadding to suit your own taste.

We designed Lucy along with its sister bag Amy for those times when you don't want a big bag with you but still need to carry those essential items. We were very pleased with the way it turned out and realised it would also be a great make up bag, pencil case or maybe to keep nail varnishes and manicure items in.

By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Mar 23 2018 01:21PM

12 Tips and tricks for sewing with knits
12 Tips and tricks for sewing with knits

Read now or watch the quick video in Youtube

When working with fabrics like knit, the first thing to remember is that the fabric is knitted as in knit one, pearl one like a sweater instead of woven. A regular needle isn’t shaped correctly for the looping threads of a knit it can cause skipped stitches, wavy seams, and even holes in your fabric. So here are some tips for working with knits.

1. Use ballpoint pins to avoid damaging knit fabric while cutting and sewing.

2. Use a ballpoint needle its rounded instead of sharp and it is designed to push the thread around the knitting of the fabric, instead of piercing it and passes through the looped structure of the material without laddering it.

3. Use a stretch needle if the knit has a significant amount of Spandex or Lycra, the eye of the needle is designed to help when sewing elastic and avoid the skipped stitches commonly associated with sewing stretch fabrics.

4. Use the correct stitch a stretch stitch or a zig zag will allow the seam to stretch a little. I like to use 2 x 2 zigzag for joining seams.

5. Use stretchable thread for swimming costumes, dancewear or active wear anywhere you need significant stretch and recovery. Use it in the top thread as well as underneath in the spool.

6.Let the feed dogs pull the fabric through on the top and the bottom and support the weight of your project while you sew to avoid unnecessary stretching. You can add tissue paper on top of your fabric, under the presser foot or use a walking foot it helps feed the top layer through evenly with the bottom.

7. Stabilize your hem, either use a fusible knit interfacing/webbing to turn up and stabilize the hem before sewing. Or cut a long strip of your fabric the width of your hem and overlock it to the bottom edge then turn up the hem, this gives it more stability and is more effective than turning the hem over twice.

8. Use a twin needle for top stitching to mimic the finish of a Coverstitch with your traditional machine. You can buy a twin ballpoint needle. When using a twin needle, I pop the second spool of thread into a coffee mug behind my machine and thread as usual

9. Add clear elastic in a shoulder seam, waistline or under bust seam to stabilize it, you will have seen this on bought garments.

10. Loosening the tension can help if your seam is looking wavy but I would call this a last resort and make a note of what your ideal tension is normally before you start adjusting it. Practice on scraps folded in half to give two layers like a seam.

11. If some stretch occurs during the sewing process, hover your iron approximately 1" above the stretched seam and apply steam. The heat and moisture of the steam will help to shrink the seam back to its intended size and shape.

12. Invest in a four thread overlocker/serger to construct your garment and a coverstitch machine to finish your garment off.

If you've found some of these useful please check out our top tips for a professional finish post.

By boutiqueuniquedesigns, Mar 8 2018 12:12PM

Boudoir Bundle PDF Sewing Pattern
Boudoir Bundle PDF Sewing Pattern

The pattern includes full comprehensive instructions for each step and has been written to be accessible by people who have just learnt to sew. We have included a brief construction summary for experienced sewers. We also designed these items with craft sellers in mind, the items can be made quickly to stock up your stall. The items complement each other in purpose and scale, sell them as a matching bundle or pick your favourites to sell.

We love scrap busting and this is an ideal project for using up left over fabric. Most of the pieces are small and require very little fabric. We are a big fan of fussy cutting when we are able, and we feel these items provide good opportunities for this.

Boudoir Bundle PDF Sewing Pattern
Boudoir Bundle PDF Sewing Pattern

These are easy makes and can be made with or without piping, lace and wadding to suit your own taste and budget. The bundle consists of a makeup bag, a mini tissue holder, an eye mask with storage pouch, a tissue box cover and three novelty eye masks (cat, fox & owl).

Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern
Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern


Makeup Bag: Height 15cm Width 20cm

Mini Tissue Holder: Height 12cm Width 6.5cm Depth 3cm

Eye Mask & 3 Novelty Eye Masks: Height 8cm Width 19cm Strap 14” relaxed

Eye Mask Pouch: Height 13.5cm Width 13.5cm

Tissue Box Cover: Height 13cm Width 13cm Height 13cm

8-piece PDF Pattern with full instructions, step by step guide with photos and digitally drafted pattern pieces.

Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern
Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern

Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern
Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern

Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern
Boudoir Bundle Eight Piece Crafting Bonanza PDF Pattern
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